Forest Lodge Kennels

Address: Forest Lodge, Quinton, Northampton, United Kingdom
GPS: 52.159708, -0.844944
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Phone number: +44 1604 862239

Openning hours

Sunday 8:00 - 16:00
Monday 8:00 - 16:00
Tuesday 8:00 - 16:00
Wednesday 8:00 - 16:00
Thursday 8:00 - 16:00
Friday 8:00 - 16:00
Saturday 8:00 - 16:00

Customers reviews

Total rating: 2.33/5, rated 5x
Forest Lodge Kennels
: aggregate rating: 3/3
I got my dog from here and she is an Angel! They also said if i had any problems with training to get in touch. It isnt that bad atal! They arnt to blame, the people to blame are the idiots that kick the dogs out in the first place.
overall: 3/3
Forest Lodge Kennels
: aggregate rating: 2/3
I went today to rehome a little dog. Unfortunately they had not told me before I went that she was in season. As it was probably her first season she was not going to fit in with my 2 male (neutered ) dogs as she was flirty and feisty. The staff were helpful, I was allowed into the re homing block as were other potential re homers. Yes its a bit tired/shabby but the staff had worked hard with this particular dog and it showed as she was clearly happy and bonded with them. They discussed her with me and suggested I did not take her at this time. She had a couple of other potential owners interested. Lets hope they get some better reviews as it appears they are trying..
overall: 2/3
Forest Lodge Kennels
: aggregate rating: 0/3
They have kidnapped my baby,a young black Lab named Maggy. Now they want me to pay 90 quid to get her back. ,I have,nt got it .They took her miles and miles away...I can,t get there.Its 15 quid a day more ,and they will put her to death in 7 days . They are a filthy kennels,with rude staff...who don,t give a toss about Any of the animals there.All they care about is thier credit card machine running hot.The staff all just sit outside ,smoking and doing nothing for the dogs ,and the place stinks. These people are extortionist,s ,and Must be bought to book ,and stopped.
overall: 0/3
Forest Lodge Kennels
: aggregate rating: 2/3
We got our dog from there 5 years ago. Other places wouldn't let us adopt a dog as we had children and work part time, even though we had dogs previously. We could go and look at the dogs without any hassle from the staff. I found the staff friendly and helpful and would get another dog from there. Maybe dogs are ill due to them being abandoned and stressed rather than any fault of the kennel (as in comments from other people). Make sure your dog is tagged and chipped so they can be returned. If my dog went missing and forest lodge took them in, then I would pay the fee and give them a donation for keeping them safe.
overall: 2/3
Forest Lodge Kennels
: aggregate rating: 0/3
I went there yesterday to see if we could find my son a dog. well it was disgusting the so called owners are rude and very unfriendly sitting outside drinking tea and smoking and just point their fingers at the entrance. on going in every kennel is full with dogs mostly barking in dirty kennels diarrhoea and snotty noses so clearly very poorly. some dogs were that unwell they just sat in the dirty baskets and didnt even look up or come and see us. when were interested in one the rude young girl said " what number is it and the card should tell u all u need to know " and then contiued to talk and giggle with her 2 colleagues. need less to say we came away empty handed but my daughter crying how sad this place needs shutting down they dont care about the dogs just the profit they make
quality: 0/3

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