Accrington Post Office

Address: Abbey Street, Accrington, United Kingdom
GPS: 53.753658, -2.362466
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Phone number: +44 845 722 3344

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Accrington Post Office
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The place is an absolute joke, what a complete set of incompetent idiots, they haven't got a brain to share between them. I've been in a few times and had issues every time, my girlfriends passport application was messed up by them, we paid for check and send and they didn't check them at all, they sent it off and it was wrong and we ended up missing out on our holiday because of them. I sent a phone off to get recycled with them for £240 and I paid for special delivery, they supposedly entered the address into the system and confirmed it would get there next day, so after paying my £8 I was shocked to see that it ended up at the Belfast sorting office. This resulted in numerous phone calls to sort out their mess up and by the time my parcel was returned to me, the value had dropped by £45 so I had to lose out of that and the original postage I paid! And then I had to repost it. The final straw came when my mum went to purchase some euros from there and they offered her then worst rate in town, I queried this and all I got was cockiness and arrogance, they are only interesting in taking your money, no such thing as after service with these jokers. The monopoly that the post office has should be illegal, I hope that TNT continue to be successful and end up putting these jokers out of business
quality: 0/3

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