7 Spices, 150 Gallowgate, Glasgow

Address: 150 Gallowgate, Glasgow, United Kingdom
GPS: 55.855676, -4.238112
Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/115193531513098441891/about
Phone number: +44 141 548 1143

Customers reviews

Total rating: 0.56/5, rated 1x
7 Spices
: aggregate rating: 0.33/3
Used to be pretty good before the ownership change last year. Cheap, quick, greasy food, which is what every student wants. I've rated the service 'poor' since my food could have been served so much faster if they guy hadn't been too busy attempting to aggressively hit on me. Went back once and only once after the ownership change for this reason. I came here for chips and pakora, not your phone number, dude get over yourself. Guy was telling me all about how he was up for a few months from Birmingham and insisted I take a napkin with his phone number. Kept asking me 'to go clubbing and get drunk with him'. Yeah, NO. Never went back but lived right next to the place for a while, so the same guy would scream out the door whenever I walked past with my weekly messages from the shops up the road. Classy. If you don't mind being accosted and shouted at, then the food is okay. Not brilliant, just okay. There are also other pakora joints down the road if you prefer not to be harassed or screamed at.
food: 1/3, decor: 0/3, service: 0/3

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