101 Thai Kitchen

Address: 352 King Street, London, United Kingdom
GPS: 51.493536, -0.244154
Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/113086839424480056258/about
Phone number: +44 20 8746 6888

Openning hours

Monday 7:00 - 19:00
Tuesday 7:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 7:00 - 19:00
Thursday 7:00 - 19:00
Friday 7:00 - 19:00
Saturday 7:00 - 19:00

Customers reviews

Total rating: 1.78/5, rated 5x
101 Thai Kitchen
: aggregate rating: 1/3
This place is exactly what you need in a local Thai restaurant. I have found the service to be moderate to good; sometimes staff are a little curt especially towards the end of a night, on the other hand there are a few absolutely lovely people who take the time to chat to you, tell you about the food, and make you feel very at home. More to the point, the consistency and quality of the food is very good, for something that calls itself a 'cafe'. Some really lovely special dishes, not to mention a good array of interesting Thai flavours (try the durian ice cream!) I love love love this place.
food: 1/3, decor: 1/3, service: 1/3
101 Thai Kitchen
: aggregate rating: 0.67/3
I have been to this place many times, but only in the evening and service had been good and food even better. On that basis, I made a mistake of taking some friends and family there but this time on Sunday lunch time. The girl who served us was so rude and disrespectful, she showed no interest in serving us from the begining, then while the resturant was almost empty, she direct us the worse table towards the end of the resturant. Then when it cames to serving us, she pushed the plate towards us, like she is serving a dog!!, she got my order wrong, so had to wait 10 more minutes, also my friends food served very cold , and when I complained, she changed it with hesitation, but offered no apology. The resturant is open till 3pm, and we wanted to order more food for baby at 2.55, but she didn't take our order and said the kitchen is now closed!. I called twice to speak to manager, but no one bothered to provide any answer or apology!, no manager, no owner, no order so poor service and poor food! it is no wonder no one goes there at lunch time!. So dissapointed and will never go back there again for lunch . Change that rude girl on Sunday, she is so impolite and useless, and clearly not in the right job. If you are the owner and care about your bussiness and your customers and reading this review then do something about it. This place used to be good, but service has gone down the drain, even food is not as good as it used to be. really shame!
food: 1/3, decor: 1/3, service: 0/3
101 Thai Kitchen
: aggregate rating: 1/3
Dated decor, noisy atmosphere, unfriendly and rushed service but the food is excellent and well worth it.
food: 3/3, decor: 0/3, service: 0/3
101 Thai Kitchen
: aggregate rating: 2.33/3
Quick service and staff are very friendly and are welcome to help with any questions you have about the food and know everything about all the meals they serve.
food: 3/3, decor: 1/3, service: 3/3
101 Thai Kitchen
: aggregate rating: 0.33/3
This place is an utter disappointment. Shame, because the menu looks promising. I wonder if "Auntie Bee" is still cooking it, or whether someone has been cruelly deceiving her regarding the quality of her cooking all along. We ordered the mixed starter, sour prawn curry, chilli dip, chicken curry, rice and curry rice. What we got turned out to be largely authentic horse excrement. Mixed starter was a load of deep fried rubbish. Mostly inedible. Set the tone for the rest of the meal. Chilli dip was interesting, but it didn't really feel like it was supposed to be eaten the way it was described as on the menu. Curry rice spices weren't cooked into it. Tasted like rice with powder added as an afterthought. Didn't really lend itself to being eaten. Chicken curry had an inch thick top layer of oil on it. The chicken tasted ok though. Prawn curry had about 4 prawns in it. Curry sauce was inedible along with the mystery vegetables in it. Boiled rice was decent. But I can do that in a rice cooker myself. All of this cost £39. Ridiculous. Should have had fish and chips instead and saved myself the grief. I cannot afford the disappointment of a rubbish takeaway on a Monday night.
food: 0/3, decor: 0/3, service: 1/3

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